There are lots of building with incredible outlooks; nevertheless, what we will be considering are the luxurious outlook of 4 most renowned figures’ homes, their worth and owners. Many would wonder, were these buildings purchased? Built? Or perhaps rented on a long-term lease length? Others would wonder if truly they rented these apartments, or perhaps are they also experiencing the ground rent scandal too? Do not be dismayed, 95% of known celebrities purchase their house without paying any form of ground rent whatsoever. Amidst these celebrities, we would be considering about top 4 renowned figures with the best and most expensive homes:

Bill Gates

Gates is technically not a celebrity based on the fact that he doesn’t sing or act, nevertheless, he can be considered as the number one celebrity with the most expensive and most sophisticated building. The structure is built with 7 bedrooms, 24 bathrooms, kitchen, library, sauna, steam room and other features are embedded in it. The technology present is far beyond credible, it’s superb! The Building is worth about $125 million

George Clooney

Over the years, the media rumoured it that Clooney has intentions to sell his estate Villa Oleandra in Laglio, Italy but it seemed it truly is a rumour. The building is a marsh up of a perfectly built construct and an integration of the modern day technology. His building is worth about $100 million.

Oprah Winfrey Winfrey’s home is often referred to as “the Promised Land” it has 6 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, kitchen, wine cellar multiple terraces and theatre. Outside the building, there are paddocks, horse trainer’s house, stable & Barn, covered stalls, fireplaces and lots more outstanding features. Winfrey’s building is worth about $88 million. One thing is certain for sure, none of these renowned figure has never at one point in time or another be a victim of the ground rent scandal since they’ve always owned their buildings. Jay Z and Beyonce Jay Z and Beyonce got their 2-acre Bel Air compound for $88 million. The building has 6 different structures with 8 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, entertainment building, car garage, basketball court and 15-car capacity garage. This apartment is nothing short of a fortress.